Talks, Trainings, & Consulting Related to Race & Social Change:  A Quest, A Study, A Call to Action

In 2017, Max published his book Race and Social Change:  A Quest, A Study, A Call to Action.  Max offers the following programs and consulting opportunities for communities eager to engage with the insights from this book. 

1)      Race and Social Change Book Talk (60-90 min)
What’s true about race and social change?   This book presents the results of a 20-year personal quest to explore this question in a manner that integrates the personal journey of the author—a privileged White male—with years of rigorous empirical research. During my time as a grad student studying youth leadership, a chance encounter with a provocative educational activity in the tradition of the Milgram obedience exercises and the Stanford prison experiment led to an unexpected opportunity to study multiple simulated civil rights movements.  The findings of the research illuminate matters of race and social change in surprising and unexpected ways. 

2) One-Day Consciousness Accelerator
This day-long program is designed for organizations with a serious commitment to exploring issues of race, social change, diversity and inclusion in a powerful and productive way. The One-Day Consciousness Accelerator involves a carefully sequenced series of sessions designed to awaken a higher consciousness around the issues of leadership, race, social change, and the personal and collective journey we must undertake to address these matters effectively. For a detailed overview of this program, click here.

3)      Leading with Purpose & Wholeness  (90-120 min)
This session illuminates the full depth and challenge of working productively on matters of race and social change by integrating timeless and deep wisdom about human nature provided by myth.  This session honors the truth that light and shadow are interconnected and interdependent.  Whenever we light a flame, light and shadow spring into being simultaneously, and the brighter the light, the darker the shadow.  In this session, participants are challenged to own BOTH the light of their commitment to productively address matters of race AND their shadow—that dark and unpleasant aspect of ourselves that is sure to influence and undermine our leadership until it is directly confronted, owned, and articulated.  This work is always as illuminating as it is challenging, and it allows individuals, organizations, and communities to move forward with a degree of wholeness, insight, and choice that is essential for any effort to effectively confront matters of race both within ourselves and within the systems in which we are immersed. 

4)      Building the Beloved Community:  An Organizational/ Communal Journey
One-time diversity trainings are often powerful, but inevitably raise the question of how a dialogue regarding issues of race and social change can be sustained and ongoing., not just one-off experiences.  I offer medium to long-term consulting to help organizations and communities learn how to structure and sustain this journey of collective inquiry, engagement, and insight over time.  Using a process developed and refined over the course of a decade at City Year, I empower organizations and communities to create and hold spaces that allow for meaningful exploration of matters of diversity and inclusion as they manifest in the daily life of the community.  The goal is to guide the community to develop a new and robust capacity to sustain these spaces at any scale necessary to engage the entire community, developing skill over time that allows this work to continue indefinitely.