The Max Klau Band plays smart, soulful folk music that rocks. "Wisdom" is the band’s first full album, and it captures Max’s thoughtful lyrics and the improvisational energy of the band’s live shows.  

Many artists today sing about brotherhood and unity with a false sense of honesty. Max, however, has tried his best to walk the talk. A true man of the world, his commitment to making the world a better place has taken him to Israel, Ghana, Honduras, Ukraine, Egypt, Greece and elsewhere. These real-life adventures have inspired and influenced his music for over 15 years. 

In 2007, Klau sat down with bassist Andrew Berne for the first rehearsals of what would become the Max Klau Band. The duo soon added violinist Katie Quann, keyboardist Bill Champitto and drummer Marcus Stewart to create The Max Klau Band.   The band has played clubs in Boston and New York, and once took the stage at the historic Jordan Hall at the New England Conservatory to perform at "Leadership in Concert", an exploration of the connection between music and leadership.  Their song "Dive into the Fray" was a runner-up for "Best Song" in the 2007 International Acoustic Music Awards. 

After taking a few years off to focus on his kids, Max reformed the band in 2017, with original drummer Marcus Stewart, guitarist Adam Dehner, and bassist Grafton Pease.  With this new line-up, some new songs, and new energy, the band is back playing live shows around greater Boston!