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“Max served as one of our first curriculum advisors at Dalai Lama Fellows. He shared unstintingly of his wisdom drawn from decades in the trenches of leadership learning. As we grew from early stage to maturity, our young social innovators from 30+ countries found immense value in his frameworks. If you want someone who will support you to develop technical and adaptive skills on your own hero's journey, or help you design a post-heroic leadership curriculum, or get in touch with your shadow mission, Max is your man.”

Bidisha Banerjee, Program & Curriculum Director, Dalai Lama Fellows

The Value of My Consulting Work
I invite individuals, organizations, and communities to awaken to a higher consciousness regarding the interconnected nature of our inner and outer worlds.  I serve those who seek to serve others by guiding them to achieve a greater sense of purpose and wholeness within themselves, so that they can more powerfully and effectively transform the systems and structures in which we are immersed.  Through this work, we access our full power to build a more just, equal, and joyful world for all.

Outcomes of Engaging with This Work

  • Deeper connection to purpose

  • Expanded capacity to see and accept our whole selves

  • Enhanced ability to lead with integrity and courage

  • Stronger sense of connection to both self and others

  • Stronger, deeper, and more resilient web of interpersonal relationships

  • Enhanced ability to maintain perspective and not get “lost in the weeds”

  • Enhanced ability to effectively confront and navigate complexity

  • Deeper understanding of the path that leads to personal transformation

  • Higher consciousness of the interconnectedness of inner-world work and outer-world change

  • Clearer understanding of the systems in which we are immersed, and how they can be transformed


Max has developed offerings tailored to address a variety of different client interests and contexts.  To learn more about those offerings, click on a link below:

“It's all too easy in this line of work to get caught up in the urgency of the now and prevailing cynicism that too often defines politics and government. Max helps remind us of the work we need to do on ourselves so that we can be as effective as possible in the work we do for others. Our sessions with him have been like tune-ups for our engines for good.“
Rick Jakious, District Director, Congressman Seth Moulton

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