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One-Day Consciousness Accelerator Program

What if your organization could emerge from a one-day experience with a transformed consciousness regarding matters of race, social change, leadership, and the personal and collective journey we must undertake to make meaningful progress on these issues?

The One Day Consciousness Accelerator is for organizations that are serious about positively transforming their ability to engage productively and effectively with matters of diversity and inclusion.  Over the course of one intense day, participants will be challenged to engage in a sequence of sessions designed to awaken them to a higher level of consciousness regarding the nature of leadership, the dynamics of race and social change, and the personal work required to respond to these issues.  They will also be invited to engage in a process of collective inquiry and exploration of these matters that elevates the organization’s capacity to learn, partner, and collaborate around productive responses to these issues.

An overview of the day is as follows; details can of course be revised to meet unique client needs:

9:00      Introduction to Adaptive Leadership
              In this provocative session, participants will encounter ideas that challenge deeply held assumptions about what it means to be
a leader and what it means to exercise leadership.  They will engage in experiential learning that brings this conceptual
framework vividly and memorably to life.   This understand of leadership provides an invaluable foundation for all learning that
will happen throughout the rest of the day.

10:30    Break

10:45    Race and Social Change Book Talk
              This session will explore the provocative social science experiment at the heart of my book on Race and Social Change.  The
talk illuminates the systemic nature of race and social change, as well as the uniquely personal choices we all must make as
individuals immersed in a system undergoing a process of transformation. 

12:15    Lunch

1:00      Leading with Purpose
             This session challenges participants to connect with their own deepest sense of purpose through the crafting of a personal
leadership mission statement.  It also illuminates the interconnected nature of light and shadow within the self, and challenges
participants to own their personal dark side by crafting their own shadow mission.  This personal and collective confrontation
with the shadow provides a language and consciousness that makes it possible to engage in a new, different, and powerful
dialogue around matters of diversity and inclusion. 

1:15      Introduction to Question Finding
             Participants encounter a powerful process for finding the most salient and personally meaningful question they are struggling
with around matters of race and social change, and then distilling the essence of that question.  Participants will emerge with an
understanding of the importance of seeking inner clarity in the face of outer-world complexity, and will learn how
             to craft clear, concise, and compelling questions to bring to peers as a way into meaningful discussion and dialogue. 

1:45      Break

2:00      Group Learning Agreement
             Participants will create the container for inquiry and dialogue by crafting a Group Learning Agreement that articulates—in the
words of the participants themselves—the goals, values, and agreements that will govern group learning. 

2:30      Group Dialogue #1
             The group will engage with a question developed by a participant in the Intro to Question Finding session.  This is a chance to
engage in collective learning and inquiry into a question generated by a member of the group. 

2:55      Group Dialogue #2
             The group will discuss a second question generated by a member of the group.

3:20     Group Dialogue #3
             For a third and final time, the group will discuss another question generated by a member of the group.

3:45      Break

4:00     Debriefing the Day
             A chance to reflect on all that has been learned and begin the process of discerning and integrating key learnings and insights.

4:30      Next Steps
              A chance to think together about next steps following the conclusion of this day of learning.

4:45      Closing Exercise
              A brief ritual to bring the day to a meaningful and powerful close. 

5:00      END