Individual Coaching

My individual coaching work is grounded in the belief that there is a connection between our inner way of being and the impact that we create in the world.  When we shift our inner condition to achieve greater clarity, focus, insight, and commitment, we transform our ability to impact the world around us. 

As a coach, I have worked with everyone from young idealists just starting to find their way in the world to battle-tested military veterans  running for Congress.  Wherever you may be on your journey, I can help you find your path and unleash your full potential.

Perhaps you are a high-achiever on a career track that you love, yet you aspire to take your work and impact to a next level.  Perhaps you are in transition, wondering how your next step might be more aligned with who you really are and what you really value.  Perhaps you have been frustrated by a lack of purpose and direction for years, and want to finally find your authentic path.  Whatever your circumstances may be, I can serve as a guide and mirror, helping you to discover the hidden sources of direction, purpose and meaning that are already present within you. 

I offer a range of coaching possibilities, ranging from one-time consultations to long-term engagements.  If you are interested in individual coaching, please contact me and we’ll set up an initial conversation to explore what sort of approach would best suit your needs and interests.