"Get yourself a coach that pushes you towards your truth and doesn’t accept anything less.
That’s Max Klau for me, friends. Honestly, not just any coach. "
-Allishia B.

Do you feel that you are on a quest to grow beyond your current limitations?

Do you crave more focus and clarity of purpose and mission in your life right now?

Do you want be both more grounded within yourself and have a greater impact on the world around you?

If so, I can help you connect with your purpose, find your path, and access your full potential.

As a leadership development expert, I can guide you to greater clarity regarding your own deepest values and sense of mission, and I can help you live with more integrity and courage in aligning your life with those inner sources of direction and meaning. As a Certified Integral Coach, I can help you get clear about the strengths and limitations of your current way of being in the world, and develop a plan that helps you transcend those limitations and arrive at a transformed way of experiencing and engaging with the world around you.

This work is not  necessarily about mastering skills or competencies to become more effective, efficient, or high-performing. It is about developing greater clarity about your values and purpose, awakening to a higher consciousness regarding how your way of being creates the daily reality you experience, and shifting that way of being to achieve both a self and a daily reality that is more aligned with your own inner truth and that more powerfully creates the impact you want to have in the world.

Through my work at the New Politics Leadership Academy, I have the honor of working with a wide range of political candidates running for seats at every level from school board to Congress. Many of these individuals are elite military veterans with advanced degrees and remarkable achievements in the business and non-profit worlds who have decided to step up to serve again through politics. I help them live and lead with courage, empathy and integrity as they walk the challenging path of electoral politics. In my work as a leadership development practitioner and coach, I have helped everyone from idealistic young AmeriCorps members to stay-at-home parents and adults in career and life transitions find their paths to a life of greater purpose and impact.  Wherever you may be on your journey through life, I can guide you through a process of living a more purposeful life.

My standard engagement is four to six months long, involving a series of 8-10 meetings occurring roughly once every three weeks.  I am open to exploring alternative arrangements on a case by case basis. Please contact me to discuss rates.

As a final thought, my coaching philosophy is powerfully articulated by this quote:

“No [human] is great enough or wise enough for any of us to surrender our destiny to. The only way in which anyone can lead us is to restore to us belief in our own guidance. “ -Henry Miller

“Max’s coaching has made a significant difference in my personal growth and I am filled with gratitude for his support.  Taking the time to understand my personality and motivations, his approach is highly personalized. Through a series of powerful conversations, Max provided generous, effective feedback that brought great insights.  As a result, I felt empowered to find my own answers. I would recommend Max to anyone ready to grow to their potential.”

-Paula B.


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